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It was called toga pūra (or virīlis, lībera: § 127). A dazzling brilliancy could be given to the toga by a preparation of fuller’s chalk, and one so treated was called toga splendēns or candida. In such a toga all persons running for office arrayed themselves, and from it they were called candidātī.
Some sororities and fraternities maintain a house for social purposes, but all or nearly all their members "live out," i.e., in the dorms or off-campus.) A ready-made social life: College can be a daunting proposition for a shy freshman, but Greek life provides an entire cadre of new friends and a full social calendar. Cover buffet tables with white cloths edged in the blue Greek key pattern and use party plates and napkins in blue, white and gold. Inside, fill the ceiling with blue, white and gold helium balloons with dangling silver and gold ribbons. Break glow sticks in about a third of them before the party starts.

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4. Throw the remainder of the sheet over your right shoulder. Tips • If you are going out in public, be sure to pin it. You don't want it falling off! • Use a white twin sheet if possible. This gives the cleanest and most toga-like effect. • If you are left handed, you might want to wrap the edge of the bed sheet on your right shoulder
Enter your Swag Drop and Swag Width measurements on to your work sheet. Please keep in mind that your finished swag may differ in size by as much as 1 inch. This is because every fabric is different based on stretchiness and how well it drapes. If your window treatment design includes more than one size of swag, print out a separate May 24, 2007 · A real "toga" cant be because the sheet is too wide and not long enough. However, a reasonable proxy can be made with a sheet if you use clips/safety pins. Put it behind you - put one end over each shoulder. Pull one end so that the left side is shorter than the right. Keep that end pulled down over the front (and to the side) of the body.

Mar 12, 2015 · Toga! Toga! Wrap yourself in a sheet and get a free Greek meal March 25 ... The Little Greek fast-casual restaurant chain will find out how brave its customers are on March 25 when, to celebrate ...
So, we should have known better than to convince her to go to a toga party at the local fraternity.–Don’t worry Dad, there were teacher chaperones there (wink, wink, nudge, nudge)–Spencer, being a toga party novice, did not get the memo to wear a ‘just in case’ outfit underneath her toga, assuming that the billowing white sheet and ...

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Oct 24, 2011 · This is the first stage in how to make a toga. These instructions are for the Toga Praetexta.Terry will be impressed. I have chosen this one as it is quite an easy shape to reproduce and also hangs very nicely.
Our Toga Set is perfect for a Greek, Roman or Italian themed event, a Halloween party, Olympic party and more! Each Toga party costume set… T includes one white toga and one golden sash. The toga is made of a hundred percent white polyester material and the gold sash is made of a fabric material. The toga se.