En8dm specification sheet

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Specification nsFh i i Type Family EN Equivalent (guidance only) 1 080A15 Bright Carbon Low Carbon EN3B / EN32B 2 080M40 / 080A42 Bright Carbon Medium Carbon EN8 / EN8D 3 210M15 (EN32M) Bright Carbon Low Carbon Free-Cutting EN32M 4 212A42 Bright Carbon Medium Carbon Free-Cutting EN8DM 5 Hitenspeed 45A Bright Carbon Medium Carbon Free-Cutting DIN C45E steel is a medium carbon steel. It also is a general engineering structural steel. It have good machinability and high tensile properties.

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EN8 is a very popular grade and is readily machinable in any condition. It can be further surface-hardened to produce components with enhanced wear resistance, typically in the range 50-55 HRC through induction processes. It is also available in a free-machining versions, EN8DM and EN8M (212A42) EN8 / EN8D is offered in both black and bright bars.
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1. EN8 Steel is Steel Grade in BS 970 1955 Specification. EN8 steel grade belongs to the standard of BS 970-1955, which is a standard for wrought steel for mechanical and allied engineering purpose. In BS 970 standards, there are some other common steel grades, like EN9, EN19, EN24, EN36 etc. And the most equivalent is grade 080M40 steel in BS 970-1991. 2. The table below details similar grades to the most commonly used engineering steels. The column on the left shows some of the steel grades stocked by Hillfoot, while the middle columns show grades with similar chemistry, and the two columns on the right display grades for potential substitution.
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EN8 bar can be sawn cut to your required length. West Yorkshire Steel can offer flame cut steel profiles in grade EN8, which can be surface ground if required. EN8 ground steel bar can be supplied, providing a precision ground steel bar to tight tolerances. Stock is also available in EN8D and EN8DM. Q345 steel specification: Q345 steel belongs to 16Mn steel grade, usually it is produced in hot rolled state, hot rolled steel plate, hot rolled steel coil/sheet, it has comprehensive mechanical and welding property, as it shows good performance in structural purposes, it is widely used as welding structural part in manufacturing of ship ...
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